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Rama Upholstery & Carpet Service

We Believe That Local Small Providers Can Deliver Better Services For Neighbors. Unlike National or City Chains We Strive To Provide Best Possible Upholstery Cleaning Service For Every Neighbor Without Any Exceptions.

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Professional Carpet And Cleaning System

We Offer Financial & Superior Services

We have proprietary systems that out-clean the competition. Specialty 300,000 BTU water heating equipment as well as custom built High Powered Truck Mounted cleaning units provide you with the best quality of service available. We service, maintain and upgrade our own equipment to make sure it functions at its best. We know that we can provide you with the utmost quality of service. Guaranteed. It may sound a bit strange, but in all my years in the industry, I have found that people appreciate someone they can trust more than anything else. Having the same person come and work in your home year after year is a very comforting thing. We hope to earn your trust by providing you with the best/most honest service that the carpet cleaning industry has to offer. We look forward to getting to know you and your family and providing you with years of fantastic service, that you can actually look forward to.

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We Use Professional Equipments

It may seem like common sense that everyone wants the people working in their homes to be insured, but many ‘fly by night’ cleaning companies are completely uninsured. Also, many big companies insure only the company without insuring the contractors that do the actual work! Since I do all the work, you can rest assured that I have all the insurance. My insurance policy is large enough to cover everything from small residences to huge commercial properties for Colorado Springs carpet cleaning.When cleaning with natural green labeled products, there is no sticky, soapy residue left behind when we leave which keeps your fabrics cleaner longer!

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We Use Professional Equipments

Studies have shown that carpets, area rugs, and upholstery carry up to 37% more air born pollutants that are embedded in the fibers. At Allover Carpet Cleaning, we use a maximum soil removal cleaning process that flushes out all the harmful toxins and bacteria that get trapped in your textiles. Thank you for visiting our Organic Carpet Cleaning website! Please take some time to browse through some of our before and after pictures.


Rama Carpet Cleaning

Rama Carpet Cleaning is both environmentally safe, health conscious, and even more effective than traditional methods of carpet cleaning. When cleaning with natural green labeled products, there is no sticky, soapy residue left behind when we leave which keeps your fabrics cleaner longer!

Remove Harmful Bacteria

The way we see it, there is no reason to hire a car­pet cleaning company who is using toxic chem­icals. One of the major reasons for getting your carpets cleaned is to REMOVE harmful bacteria, toxins and allergens. By using unsafe cleaning products, many carpet cleaners are simply replac­ing one harmful substance with another.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have been searching for high quality Allover Carpet Cleaning then you have come to the right place. Carpet cleaning does not have to be toxic. Here at Pure Green we have been providing with organic based non toxic carpet cleaning since 2005.


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